During Production Inspection
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  A visual check on the quality of components, materials, semi-finished and finished products when at least 10%-20% of the order has been completed. The production batch and those products in the line would be randomly inspected for possible defect. If any problem occurs, identifies the deviation and provides advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch quality and a quality product.

  • Inspection I normally done as the product is through the finishing process. That means inspection shall be conducted when 10%-20% of goods are finished checking or packed into the polybag;
  • It shall find out defects in the earliest stages;
  • Record the size or color, which will not be available for inspection.
  • Check semi-finished goods on every production processes. (production status);
  • Proportionally and randomly check the goods during the inspection (Level 2 or otherwise specified by applicant);
  • Mainly search the cause of defect and suggest corrective action plan;
  • No AQL will be applied;
  • Many need several DPI to ensure continuous improvement before FRI upon applicant’s request.
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