【 QC knowledge】Garment Quality inspection

AQL is abbreviation of Average Quality Level, it is an inspection parameter rather than a standard. The basis of inspection: batch size, inspection level, sample size, AQL defects acceptance level.

For garments quality inspection, we usually according to   general inspection level, and the defects acceptance level is 2.5

AQL Table:

AQL table

Garment general inspection check points:

1.Garment size measurements: measure product size against PO/Sample provided by client.

  1. garment measurements2.Workmanship quality check:The appearance should be free of damaged, broken, scratch, crackle ,dirty mark etc. And all  defects we found are classified into critical defect, major defect, minor defect.
  2. How to classify
  3. 1). Minor defect
    A defect that is having little bearing on the effective use of the product. For minor defects, rework can eliminate the effect of defects on the garment. Three minor defects are converted into one major defect.

    2). Major defect

    A defect that is likely to result in failure, or to reduce materially the usability of the unit for its intended purpose, it will affect the appearance of the garment. For example, color shade difference within same garment, permanent crease mark, button marking not removed, run-off stitches etc.

    3.) A defect that is having little bearing on the effective use of the product. When consumers buy garments with this kind of defect, they return the clothes or will not buy the clothes again. Such like, hole, irregular stitches density, broken stitches, open seam, wrong size etc.

Post time: Jan-04-2021
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