Pre-Shipment Inspection
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The Final random inspection take place when the merchandises is 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment. A random sample of finished goods will be pulled, based on statistical random sampling technique, commonly know as ANSU/ ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS6001, DNI40080, ISO2859 or NF X06-002.

  • The inspection is done when at least 80% of the lot are finished packing and the rest 20% shall also finish production and ready for sampling. In this part, we check the quantity of goods as well.
  • Check before it is delivered to the applicant;
  • Randomly draw samples for inspection by AQL (Acceptable Quantity Levels) Standard;
  • Mainly see workmanship;
  • Also check PO, style, color, measurement, bar-code / assortment / labeling check, packaging and shipping mark and other specified by the applicant;
  • Seal those inspection good samples;
  • Give overall conclusion: " Conformed to Applicant's Requirement", "Pending for Applicant's Decision" or "Not Conformed to Applicant's Requirement";
  • Advice shipment only if require by the applicant or buyer, otherwise do not do that.
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