Inspection service type

Product inspection is divided into pre-production inspection, during production inspection and pre-shipment inspection.

Pre-production inspection is to be conducted at the beginning of production or even before the start of manufacturing.

During-production inspection is to be conducted when 10%-15% of the production is completed.

Pre-shipment inspection takes place when the merchandise is finished, packed and ready for shipment. Based on the outcome of a final inspection, a lot may be accepted, rejected, or placed on hold.

Why do I need inspections or factory audits?

In case of any Poor quality, incorrect shipments, unreal information from suppliers during international trading. Inspection is the most efficient way to protect buyer’s benefits.

What do you inspect during inspection?

Different products will have different inspection points. So the inspection category will be studied case by case very carefully between the client and our account manager.
In general, below is the general inspection scope to follow:
1. Quantity: We will check if the actual produced item,qty is consistent with client's requirements/order or not.
2. Product Description: We will check the description of the product to see if the actual production of the product is conform to the client/order requirements. Such as color, design, etc., If any approved samples provided we will check if actual production is same with the approved samples.
3.Workmanship: We will check the quality of the workmanship of the order, in general, it will be based in AQL system.
4.Testing:We will check the related parameter of the product according to the corresponding international standard or common standard of the product.
5.Packaging/Marking check: We will check the product packaging and labeling ,manuals, marking,etc to see if they are in conformity with the client spec.
6.Product data measurement: We will check the size and weight of the product and package.
7.Client special requirement: We will focus on verifying the special requirements of client,and report the actual findings in our inspection report.

What the Inspection rate?

Inspection's all-inclusive standard rate is USD 168-288 per man-day in most cities of China except Hongkong, Taiwan. This standard rate covers up to 12 working hours per assignment (including traveling, inspection and report preparation). There is no extra charge for inspectors' transportation and accommodation expense.

How to start the inspection?

Client send us the booking form and book 2-3 days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection details. Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. We perform the inspection and client get inspection report within 24 hours.


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