As a professional quality service provider, Fujian CCIC Testing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as FCT) offers not only the pre-production, the during production and the final random inspection services but also the factory audit, the loading supervision, the testing service, the certification of free sales and etc., meeting customers' requirements thoroughly. FCT always acts as an impartial, fair and authoritative role to conduct the product conformity inspection and accreditation activities according to relevant laws, standards, contracts and some terms, which are agreed by the parties, to reduce the risk due to the quality problems.
  Our inspection services on various kinds of products covering textiles, leather products, toys & baby products, footwear, electronic appliances, ceramics, cosmetics, food & agricultural products, industrial products, auto parts, etc.

More Reasons To Choose Us:

01 Over 30 years’ experience in the inspection industry with more than 300 skilled employees in 15 main cities of China;
02 Professional quality management system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020;
03 Fast reaction service, strict quality standards for inspection and convenient payment system;
04 English report within 24hours after the inspection with a reasonable and economical price.

          Pre-shipment Inspection                                                             >>MORE

          Supplier and Factory Audit                                                         >>MORE

          During Production Inspection                                                      >>MORE

          Container Loading Supervision                                                   >>MORE

          Product Testing                                                                         >>MORE
Inspection Body Accreditation Certificate
China Inspection Body and Laboratory Mandatory Approval
Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

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