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  FCT is accredited to test against all major regulatory standards for the import of consumer products.

  Consumer goods are subject to various legal regulations and standards. While these are designed to help ensure the safety of the consumer, they can be confusing and hard to stay abreast of. You can rely on the expertise and technical resources of FCT’ consumer product testing to help ensure your compliance with relevant regulations, as well as your own technical specifications. Main products & industries cover:
1. Textile& Garment, Footwear,
2. Luggage and Leather goods;
3. Toy;
4. Electrical& Electronic machinery products;
5. Disposable hygiene products;
6. Tonic and cosmetics;
7. Food, Food addictive, Farm products, Aquatic products;
8. Food contact precuts;
9. Ceramics, Woodwork, Metal materials;
10. Common packages, Package for dangerous materials;
11. Chemical &mineral products;
12. Test Products Evaluation;
13. Animals and Plants.
Qualifications: National Certification Accredited
· AQSIQ Certificate of Qualification for Institution of Import & Export Commodity Inspection and Survey
· CMA laboratory accredited by CNCA, certification No.:170000123573
· Laboratory accredited by CNAS, registration No.:CNAS L0437
· Inspection Institution accredited by CNAS, registration No.:CNAS IB0593


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