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  • 【 QC knowledge】 Women Backpacks Inspection

    【 QC knowledge】 Women Backpacks Inspection

    Today,I want to share with you some inspection knowledge about ladies backpack. A. Women Backpacks Classification. 1.Shoulder bag   2.Swagger bag 3.Backpack 4.Shopping bag   B.Women  backpacks common defects 暴缝 broken seam 跳线 skip stitching 污渍 dirt mark 抽纱 pull yarn...
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  • 【 QC knowledge】Garment Quality inspection

    【 QC knowledge】Garment Quality inspection

    AQL is abbreviation of Average Quality Level, it is an inspection parameter rather than a standard. The basis of inspection: batch size, inspection level, sample size, AQL defects acceptance level. For garments quality inspection, we usually according to   general inspection level, and the defect...
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  • What is RoHS?

    What is RoHS?

    RoHS Compliance (RoHS) is a set of EU regulations that implements EU Directive 2002/95 that restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This directive bans placing on the EU market, any product having an electrical/electronic component containing more than th...
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  • When and How to Use Zero Acceptance Number Sampling

    When and How to Use Zero Acceptance Number Sampling

    Inspection is a mandatory but nonvalue-adding activity, and our objective is to do as little as possible, provided that we continue to fulfill the customer’s requirements. The zero acceptance number (c = 0) sampling plan requires far less inspection than the corresponding ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 (formerly ...
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  • Pre-production samples: Critical points when confirming

    We’ve been going through the gambit of points on sampling; how to make the process smoother, obstacles, when to confirm, etc… In this 3rd post on the sampling phase, let’s look at critical points during the sign-off phase. Once you approve the sample, then provide a simple, clear-cut sign off tha...
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