Quality Inspection Standard of lamps and lanterns

Lamps and lanterns in addition to the most basic lighting role, more important is that a suitable meal chandelier can be very good foil family warm atmosphere, simple beauty and bright chandelier can also make people open a comfortable mood, so that life has become full of emotional appeal.

How to  inspect the droplight of these elegance sweet  goods, how is the inspection standard of droplight? Let's follow CCIC-FCT,let us explain the inspection process of lamps in detail for you. If you want to know more about the inspection content, please feel free to contact us .

China quality inspectionAppearance/Workmanship check

1.Inspection of electroplated lamps

Electroplating color should be consistent (refer to the sample), there should be no obvious color difference;

No scratches, sand particles, acid spitting, sand marks, pinholes, pitting, blistering, peeling, whitening, rust spots, black spots, obvious paint flow, welding scars and other phenomena on the electroplating surface;

The gloss should be close to the requirements of the mirror, there must be no white fog;

The surface should be smooth without roughness (hand feeling);

The inner surface of the product should not have obvious black, dirty and no oxidization occurred;

Slight rubbing with white gloves shall not have a slight scratch ;

Adhesion test and hardness test must be passed.

2.Inspection of baking paint lamps

Referring to the sample, the lamp body shall not have obvious color difference and gloss difference, the overall color shall be consistent;

No paint leakage, paint peeling, sand, peeling, scratching, blistering, abrasion phenomenon;

Spray paint to be consistent, smooth, no scarring, paint flow etc. ;

Spray paint shall not overflow and  other undesirable situations;

No rust on the inner surface;

Shall not be deformed or unsoldered;

Adhesion test and hardness test must be passed;

Hand paint should be layered.

Assembly test

The error range  between the size of the lamp body and the data is ±1/2 inch. The parts conform to the engineering parts table and shall not be omitted.

After assembly, the structure should be fastened and no loosening should be allowed. After visual inspection, the structure should be at the same level and no skew should be allowed;

Single chandelier stops with moving joints must be available;

The chain and the stress bearing tooth tube and the stress bearing parts should be able to receive enough heavy force;

As stipulated above, the lamp weight over 5.5kg should be changed to a crystal ring, and the European rules require that the ground wire conduct test be passed.

Earth test

Plug need ground tests, in three seconds, 10 a current, resistance under the condition of 100 m Ω conforms to the standard

Hi-pot test 

High voltage test requirements: 2U+1000V (U: refers to the voltage of the country where the lamp body is exported)。

Functional test

To conduct the test both light test, have a switch and do on and off test.

Polarity test 

The United States market to have a lamp holder polarity test, there can be no positive, negative wrong connection, leakage.

Inspection for packing

Correct and clear marks on cartons.

The packing is free from breakage, crease and damage.



Post time: Mar-04-2021
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