Pre-shipment inspection service

Pre-shipment inspection service
How do oversea buyers confirm the quality of the merchandise before they are ship out? Whether the entire batch of goods can be delivered on time? whether there are defects? how to avoid receiving inferior products leading to consumer complaints, return and exchange and Loss of business reputation? These problems plague countless overseas buyers.
Pre-shipment inspection is an important part of quality control, help buyers solve the above problems. It is an effective and convenient method to confirm the quality of the entire batch of goods, assisting oversea buyers to verify product quality and quantity, reduce contract disputes, the loss of business reputation caused by inferior products.

 Routine before shipment inspection service will check
Style, color, material etc.
Size measurement
Packaging and Mark

Product range
Food and agricultural products, textiles, clothing, shoes and bags, home life sports, baby toys, cosmetics, personal care, electronic appliances etc.

Inspection standards
The sampling method is carried out in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/BS 6001, and also refers to the customer's sampling requirements.

Professional technical team, our inspectors have more than three years of inspection experience, and pass our regular assessment;
Customer Oriented Service, fast reaction service, do the inspection as you required;
Flexible and efficient process, we can arrange the urgent inspection quickly for you;
Competitive price, all-inclusive price, no extra fees.

Contact us,if you want a inspectior in China.

Post time: Sep-13-2022
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