CCIC-FCT Holds the Second Session of Samplers and Inspector Training exercise

In order to improve the theoretical level and practical skills of samplers and inspectors of Fujian CCIC Testing Co., Ltd., to  provide customers with high-quality and efficient services, and to demonstrate the spirit of employees, on June 14, the Company's Labor Union of Fujian CCIC Testing Co., Ltd. and the Fuzhou Customs Technology Center Labor Union jointly held the second session of the training exercise for employees on the theme of "exercising skills to improve quality". Through work skill training and technical competition, employees could communicate and learn from it. This activity has play very important role to a   create a sufficient , skilled  sampling and inspection team.

This competition includes 3 steps: document filling, system entry, and theoretical examination.  After the fierce competition, a total of 3 teams stood out. The chairman of the Company's Labor Union, Mrs.She, presented awards to the winning teams, congratulated the winning employees, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the employees who have worked hard for this competition. She hoped that the company would continue to carry out in-depth business technology competitions, work skills training activities, and continuously improve  skills and comprehensive quality of all employees make greater contributions to the company's development.CCIC inspection CICIC quality inspection

Post time: Jun-20-2019
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