Stainless Steel Cup Quality control service In Shenzhen China

Product: Stainless Steel Cup

Inspection type: Final Random inspection

Sample qty: 200 pcs

Quality inspection criteria:

– Must be without any unsafe defect for using.
– Should be free of damaged, broken, scratch, crackle etc. Cosmetic / Aesthetics defect.
– Must be conformed to the shipping market legal regulation / client’s requirement.
– The construction, appearance, cosmetics and material of all units should comply with client’s
requirements / approved samples
– All units should have full function complying with client’s requirements / approved samples.
– The marking / label on unit should be legal and clear.

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Product inspection details:

1-Deformation of the edge rolling (MA)_quality inspection

11-Unit dimension check_CCIC quality inspection

16-Uneven electroplating at the edge (MI)_CCIC quality inspector

22-Unit weight checking_quality inspection service

China quality inspection company Capacity check


Post time: Nov-07-2019
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