Fujian CCIC Testing Co.,Ltd. successfully passed the CNAS review

From  16th to 17th January , 2021, the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) appointed 4 review expertas a review team, and carried out the review of the inspection agency accreditation of Fujian CCIC Testing Co.,Ltd (CCIC-FCT) .

The review team conducted a comprehensive inspection of the operation of the quality management system and technical capabilities of the Fujian CCIC Testing Co.,Ltd. by listening to reports, consulting materials, questions, witnesses, etc., combined with remote review. Experts of the evaluation team agreed that the operation of the CCIC inspection company’s system complies with the requirements of CNAS inspection agency accreditation rules, guidelines and related application instructions, and has technical capabilities in relevant accreditation fields. It is recommended to recommend/maintain accreditation to CNAS. At the same time, the evaluation experts will be further improved Guiding opinions were put forward for company capacity building.

In the next step, CCIC-FCT will make rectifications in accordance with the comments and suggestions put forward by the review team, so that the company's quality management system can operate in a more standardized and orderly manner.



Post time: Jan-20-2021
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