【 QC knowledge】 Women Backpacks Inspection

Today,I want to share with you some inspection knowledge about ladies backpack.

A. Women Backpacks Classification.

1.Shoulder bag


bag quality inspection service

2.Swagger bag

China backpack quality inspection


China quality inspection service

4.Shopping bag

shopping bag quality inspection


B.Women  backpacks common defects

暴缝 broken seam
跳线 skip stitching
污渍 dirt mark
抽纱 pull yarn
粗纱 coarse yarn
搭扣坏掉 damaged buckle
拉链不好用 zipper out of function
底部铆钉脱落 foot was found peel off
线头 untrimmed thread ends
包边暴开 poor stitching at binding
金属扣生锈 rust mark at metal buckle/ ring
Logo印刷不好 poor printing at logo
破损的面料 damaged fabric

C.Women backpacks quality inspection checkpoints

1. Check if the accessories are complete;

2.Check if the hand strap is securely sewn;

3.Check if there is any  damaged or pull yarn in the fabric;

4.Check if any color differences;

5.Check if the buckle/zipper is easy to use;

6.Check if the stitch pitch of the suture is too dense/too sparse;

7.Check whether the stitching seam is neat;

8.Check if the logo printing is good;

D.Ladies backpacks quality test

1.Zipper fluent test

2.Snap reliability

3.3M coating adhered test

4.Dimensional measurement

5.Smell test

6.Any other test required by  customer





Post time: Jun-16-2020
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